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Effective Sales Training and Executive Development

Management Training to
Drive Sales and Motivate Teams

Developing Effective Sales Management Skills

Management Training to Drive Sales and Motivate Teams


The extensive range of management development and leadership training programmes offered by BlueStorm are tailored to your specific needs.
We will target your particular requirements to maximise
your return on investment.  

Managing Sales Effectiveness

Effective sales team management is a prerequisite for your company’s success but unfortunately due to the nature of this role and its month-by-month focus on results it can starve this role of the support, development and training that is needed.

BlueStorm have developed a series of training modules to equip your sales manager with practical key skills to achieve their full potential and that of each individual sales person. For example:

  • Successful recruitment and selection
  • Formal and informal performance reviews
  • Performance improvement programmes
  • Finance for sales manager / director
  • Creation of a workable sales plant

This goes through the full range of professional management skills starting with recruitment and selection, sales team coaching, modern training techniques, improving individual sales performance, kerbside training techniques, and motivation.

Managing Sales Effectiveness
Powerful Presentation Skills

Powerful Presentation Skills

Having effective presentation skills are vital for every manager or director in business today. Whether you feel you are the most confident and entertaining presenter, or that you are in a presentation rut, we offer a bespoke and targeted programme to help you improve the following:

  • Overcome nerves and present with clarity
  • Reduce your reliance on notes
  • Learn to develop confidence and your own natural style
  • Develop strong messages
  • We find what already works about you as a presenter and give you workable tips to give you powerful presentation skills

Management Coaching and Goal Setting

At BlueStorm we use non-directive coaching techniques to help you or your people achieve more powerful and long lasting results quicker and more effectively.
Everyone knows you should set goals. More importantly, everyone says they do.

But why?
Does it work?

We show you a top class goal setting methodology, show you step by step why people don’t set goals and how to overcome this. BlueStorm will also show you what positive action you should put in place to achieve those goals.

Management Coaching and Goal Setting

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